Enters room slowly....hugging the wall.

Nervously clears her throat and begins;

"My name is Angel and I am hopelessly addicted to myself."

Well, of course I am. You would be too. IF you were as fabulishous as I am.

Anyway, enough about you, let's talk about me.

These blog thingys are grand. Imagine a place here on this world wide all about me web where you can always connect to you know, me!

Although if it were up to me, and it should be, I would change their name.


Look at how it just sits there all icky and such.

It should be called something yummier. Like............Divine Angelic Driplets.

Oh wait. That wouldn't work for everyone. Mostly me. Hmmmm.

So where were we?

Oh yes. Me!

Okay, so I can explain.....

That rather self-centered being above is really my alter ego. Angel.

She helps me write what I love best--- ChickLit.

Now before you go and poopoo the Genre based on how it doesn't impart any new epiphanies, change your life or even the babies diapers, they are great fun to read and for me; a joy to write.

Now back to Angel. She's the place that I go to write the main characters in these books.

She and they, are the girls who say and do things that we, as self respecting women, wish we were unconcious enough once in a while to be.

Oh please.

We sit back all self righteous, ripping the ditzy blonde with the barbie doll figure to shreads, (you do too---don't you?) when we would give anything to be her for just one night, week or summer holiday. Her with all her incomplete sentences, lack of world news knowlege and surrounded by men who couldn't care less if she can find the square root of pi while they---------------

-----------picture her pole dancing naked.


So you and I are somewhere in between the Angels and the women who have it all figured out. With their 2.5 kids, husband who works 80 hours a week and volunteer on no less than 5 not for profit boards.

We're still looking for our happy ending.

Isn't it nice that you don't have to be alone in that quest?

Welcome to ChickLit.

Sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride.


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