Hurricain a comin!

Unlike my alter, Angel, who really is more intelligent then she lets on, but still...

I, myself, am cursed with intelligence. I am lousy with the stuff.

How in the universe's great infinitesimal wisdom did it come to the very skewed conclusion that the un-Barbie like women of this world would be best compensated by uber intelligence is beyond even me.

And yes. I know that is a very long sentence. Needs must on occasion.

That all being said take a breath, I do have a bit of a glitch in the firing of the old synapses. Insert gasp of shock horror here.

I can’t spell. There I’ve said it.

I can’t spell I can’t spell I can’t spell I can’t spell I can’t spell I can’t spell!!!!!

“Hello. My name is Dawn and I am spelling impaired.”

If one of the 12 steps in the recovery process is atonement for past miss-spellings I will have to live approximately 347 years.

I know. You’re sitting there thinking; “And this all has WHAT to do with hurricanes?”

Look at that title up there again.


Should be hurricane.

This I now know because I opened up a Word doc in order to write the rest of this blog.

Spell-check is my friend.

I want to be at the top of the list for spell-check-chip studies that can be implanted in the brain.

Oh yeah. I’m there.

The Angels’ of the world may be all comfy with their flaws that are hidden behind hair spray mist and mirrors, but not me.

If I can’t posses cleavage at least give me spelling powers!!!

Okay. So yeah, what was the universe thinking?

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