I may be blonde but I'm not all together ... er, all together

While I am the first person to yell, “Blonde!” in self-defense, (yes, even I have my dirty little secrets) I have to claim mass, (MA) confusion on what follows.

The good news – the Senate actually rejected Bush’s proposal of a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages.

The bad news – they voted it down by a final tally of 49-48.

Not all that comforting is it? If you want to see how they voted, click here.

More good news – the Boston Macy’s store located at Downtown crossing dedicated a window display in support of the Boston’s Pride chapter and Boston Pride 2006. It was designed in collaboration with the Boston Pride Committee.

More bad news – After much harassment from the anti-gay organization, Article 8, Macy’s decided to pull the mannequins from the display.

Not good enough and on Article 8’s website the group says, “Your voices are starting to be heard loud and clear," the group’s website states, "and Macy’s is starting to back down. But they still don’t get it on their public support of a week of rather raunchy homosexual activity.”

Where are the gay groups rising up against the raunchy heterosexual activity that happens daily at organized sports events, construction sites and in every bar, restaurant, pub where heterosexual, (not to mention homophobic) males have consumed more than 2.5 alcoholic beverages?

I can only speak from my own experience, but I have been fair game for wolf cries and obscenities veiled as come on lines since I was 14.
Where were/are the activists rushing to save me from depravity?

Mind you, I have NEVER had a, or a group of, lesbians cat call at me or try recruiting me on a public or private level.

If I find myself in the unthinkable position of testifying against a man who raped me, I will actually find myself defending myself. Yes, the rape victim must first prove her own innocence before the predator is put in a position to be held accountable.

Back to that window display, depraved isn’t it? Just look at those two male mannequins just standing there, not touching, not in any sexually orientated activity of ANY kind.

Back to the activists, where are they in our malls? Why are they not protecting us from the likes of Fredrick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s not so Secret?

Seriously though, why are they not protecting us from the likes of, Jerry Buck Inman, the confessed, Bikini Killer, of Tiffany Marie Sours?

Inman is one of 563,000 registered sex offenders living in the United States. Do not even try to tell me that every single one of them is not a repeat offender, (Not to mention we don’t have numbers for the un-registered offenders.) for example; I’m no angel and dabbled in shoplifting in my early teens.

Did I stop at my first dibble? Uhh, no. Did I stop at my second, third, forth? Uhh, no. Because. I. Was. Not. Caught.

Huh. Let us stop and pause, and pick up next week, because, I think, therefore we are.

©2006 Dawn Marie Kelly, all rights reserved.
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