Naked Surfing, Drag Queens and the Body/Mind Connection

What really bothers me about the Angels of this world?

I actually contemplate this on a daily basis. Which must thrill the Angels to no end.

*** Good goddess! They are morphing into an entire flock! ***

What I abhor about the Angels is the same thing I adore about Drag Queens.

They are so damn comfortable with their femininity. With their bodies and the way in which they use it, dress it----- be in it.

In their estrogen hyped up state, it has become a tangible force that rubs up against you from fifty feet out. Pulsing out from their very core you are unable to resist being drawn into it like a moth to a flame.

Let the battle begin.

As a woman I am reluctant to embrace my femininity with such verve. It seems to be in direct conflict with the feminist side of me.

Ironic isn’t it?

That totally embracing everything that is feminine in myself is somehow in complete violation of being a woman.

That’s a little window into the madness of my psyche. You look at the ying yang symbol and see balance------ I see two fish caught up in an eternal race to eat the other whole.

So I’ve decided to beat them at their own game. The Angels that is, not the fish.

In an effort to become more comfortable in my own feminine skin I do one thing a day in it.


Baby steps, I began with showering naked on Monday. There’ll be more laundry this way but I have to admit to enjoying it.

Tuesday- naked loading and unloading of the dishwasher.

My cat is amused. The dog is confused.

Wednesday- naked plant watering.

My neighbors seem to be starting a petition of some sort?

Today- Thursday- naked internet surfing.

That’s right, I’m writing this blog naked.

Perfect time for a little self-psychological assessment on your part; do you feel queasy, dirty, excited or intrigued? Hmmmmm…..what does it mean?

They say it takes 30 days to effect any change so I’ll get back to you on this naked thing.

Meanwhile, let’s not tell my husband.

I don’t want him to start getting any crazy ideas--- I’m nowhere near ready for naked sex.
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