Red Sox 1 game down behind the Yankees~~(Repost)

The Hubster and I went to the new Ikea down in Stoughton, MA yesterday. I am still recovering. Don’t worry there will so be a post about this, but until then, please enjoy this repost.

It’s come down to this---The Pre-Game Show

Whether you’re talking; World Series, Super Bowl, World Cup, whatever- why can’t they just let the game play out without all the hype?

It’s analyzed and dissected for weeks on end.

Blah blah. Bladdee, dah.

Makes one long for small talk about the weather, religion even bloody politics.

Of course there is always a root cause for such things.

The Men were clever about this one really.

Sports teams and events that change with the seasons and they have an on-going, year after year big distraction from actual feelings and relationships.

Sorry love. No time to sort that one out, only 6 weeks before play-offs, wild card picks and such. Can I get back to you on that intimacy thingy in about 3 months?

So now tell me that a man didn’t dream up this whole Perimenopause business.

Perimeno what!

Perimenopause or menopause transition is the stage of a woman's reproductive life that begins several years before menopause.

As if we needed one more hormonal curse.

Maybe I am just bloody cranky.

Treatments range from low dose birth control pills to anti-depressants.


So I’ll be blissfully unaware when they start shoving me full of hormone replacement therapies when actual menopause occurs.

How did our grandmothers survive?

The same way their grand mothers did and theirs before that.

A shot of whiskey, a little sherry…………….

And if grandpa had to take a hit to the back of the head every once in a while for the team; well, we were all the better for it.

How bout them Red Sox?
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