Extreme make over, bloggy style

So how do you like me now?

The blog you silly gooses. Haven’t you noticed the redo?

Merci to my new friend in
Texas, (go read her pronto!), who worked tirelessly this weekend giving my blog a face.

I had been busy procrastinating on the blog identity project because my laptop is dying and I am now just days away from my Apple PowerBook fantasy becoming reality.

Besides, I told my lazy arse self, the return visitors are coming back for the writing, not because it’s pretty.

Well now my rabid fans can enjoy the awesomeness of my writing in all its new gorgeousness.

Both of you.

Of course now I have to work on getting my pic up where that empty space is over to the left. I have the concept in my head just waiting for the Hubster to help me take the conception to reality.

BTW, he adores having the Hubster nick. He’s taking to it like it makes him some kind super hero.

I refuse to sew the costume.

And what is up with the folks over at,

My new friend in
Texas, tried to get me set up on the blog rolling train because my little blonde head was busy elsewhere and I am now up to my ears in WTF?

Texas, set me up with an account and we awaited a verification e mail.

Two days and nothing.

So I go in this morning bright and early and set up a new account under my gmail addy and………….. nothing.

While staring at my gmail inbox while periodically checking the empty spam folder just in case was good for 3 ½ hours of not posting a new blog entry, by hour number four I was starting to get well and truly pissed.

Off, not lit.

I am now sensing a conspiracy.

It's like they have some universal block on me.

"No no no! We cannot have that one blogrolling. The force is too strong with her. She will become much too successful, much too soon, catapulting into super stardom with the likes of Marion Keyes, Helen Fielding, Jane Green and that Sophia woman! No, the world is not yet prepared for that."

Oh wait, that's just my silly lil mind going off on one of its tangents again.

Hard to tell lately.

"Back to reality, oh there goes gravity..........."

Opps, a brief Eminem moment, we now return you to my regularly scheduled post.

It’s becoming like a damn country club----- let me in damn it!

Do I need a couple of sponsors?

Any volunteers?

I’ll be good, I promise.

And for the love of chocolate, can anyone tell me why those bloody Euro symbols are popping up in my text!
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