Shopping, Rainy days and Tuesdays

I am nothing if not unpredictable in my predictability.

Stop hurting your brain and just read on.

I leap towards my desk every morning with lofty aspirations of all the work I will get done.

Metaphors that have not yet been ridden within an inch of their life will leap from my typing fingers of fire.

All three of them.

Fingers, not metaphors.

Unbridled creativity will burst through my usual productivity glass ceiling of 20 minutes.


In my fantasy I work tirelessly for at least 45 minutes.

Then I check my e-mails.

OOOooo, sale alert.

It’s saying something when most of your holiday greeting cards are from merchants thanking you for being such a good customer.

Unable to resist I click into the link just to have a little looky loo.

Harmless browsing, that’s all.

Next thing you know, I am trying to gage if I should print the order confirmation page or will the order confirmation e-mail arrive as promised?

Never mind that I can always log into my account and retrieve the order information.

The need for tangible proof of purchase is too strong and as I hit print, up pops the notice of said confirmation e-mails arrival.

Foiled again.

Um. So, yeah. I bought things.


Like a miniature silk Lemon tree.

An Olive Topiary

2- 2’x7’7” runner rugs

And a French Country Bench

Hey! French Country is the new Scottish Hunter’s Den. Where have you been?

The rugs are v important as they will run down each side of the Hubster’s and my marital bed. I of course will use it to wipe any little bits off my feet thereby keeping the sheets bits free while he of course will not.

The lemon tree will be placed on my desk so that I can pretend to be in my posh Hollywood Hills bungalow this winter while trying to forget that I am actually freezing my Jlo like assets off up in this frozen wasteland called New Hampshire.

The Olive Topiary--------- okay you got me there, but it’s cute dammit!

Cute is not to be ignored or under appreciated.

No sir, cute is a force to be reckoned with.

Just ask the Hubster.
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