Once upon some Moo-Doo

I know, this was supposed to be the follow up to last weeks post.

Just when I thought I had my thoughts in a row, enter The Hubster with breaking news from the BBC website about a Marc Dutroux from Belgium. And that just complicated everything. I now have several back articles that I am researching and re-approaching this second installment.

So when you’ve reached your personal level of repulsion about what people on this earth are capable of, enter Marc Dutroux.

Meanwhile, The Hubster is home for only four short weeks and we are going at full speed trying to get all of the, “House for Sale”, preparations done and dusted.

We started outside. The front garden had become overgrown and crowded over the past couple years and needed to be beat back into shape. Except that at the end of the day, I was the one who felt like I had been beaten.

Hubster dug and pulled out sections of the front hedges with his beastly truck so we can add fence section to open the front of the house to the street and up the curb appeal. I weeded and thinned until I could no longer put my fingers together and pull any more.

We dug up and moved a couple monster sized hostas and a six-foot high cherry shrub thingy and relocated them into the back garden along with the hedges we pulled from the front.

There is still more work to be done, but wow are we impressed with ourselves so far.

And no, that is not a circus tent in the front garden. That’s the world’s largest sun hat that the Hubster bought his little Angel who is prone to having bits surgically removed due to the sun’s toll.

One last note – The Boy Wonder will be starting a strength training/resistance class for janitors next week, it fills up quickly, so sign up now!

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