Dust bunnies and other diversions

A funny thing happened this morning while doing my usual procrastination routine.

Come on. You know what I’m talking about.

Don’t even try to pretend you don’t have one.

Mine goes something like this:

• Call out to sleepy teenage son to get up from the warm confines of his bed from confines of mine -20 min
• Flip between CNN, ABC & NBC trying to find something truly news worthy -30 min
• Make tea. Sip tea while struggling to have the Special K with flax seed and soy milk instead of leftover mashed potatoes and gravy for breakfast -20min
• Eat mashed potatoes and gravy with big smile on face -5min
• Boot up computer and check e-mails -10min
• Remember iPod needs charging, play in iTunes -45min
• Check statcounter site for blog stats –WHAT!!!!

Imagine my surprise when this showed up amoung the usual suspects.

When they usually look like this.

Everyone who visits my blog leaves a footprint that StatCounter records.

For those who read blogs but don’t have a blog, that’s so we can get an idea of where are readers are coming from, how often they read our blog etc.

Everyone leaves a footprint except for that guy.

Who has the power and need to not leave footprints?

Santa? He has to see if I’ve been naughty or nice after all.


Does the goddess have a computer? Surely she does.


Bill Gates? Found out I recently slipped off the PC train?

Fashion Police?

Steve Jobs? Found out I recently jumped on the Mac/Apple train?

Or did someone sitting in an office named after a geometrical shape going through their own procrastination routine this morning stumble across my blog and much to their dismay cry out in frustration;

“Gab dang it! There is not one picture of, men with paws, anywhere on this confounded page!”

• Writing this blog entry -10min
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