Old Year Revolutions & Changlings


I wish I could say that I’ve gotten immersed in the Holiday Chaos, but not so much.

I’m debating whether or not to post on the kitchen’s progress. It’s getting very exciting now.

Any who ~~~~

How does everyone feel about the new blog skin?

I. Am. Loving. It!

I still have a little tweaking to do but this new look is going to be a keeper.

It’s just sooo, ummmm, ME.

A huge round of appreciative applause goes out to Ginger of, Baby Jane Blogs, whose popularity is increasing with a bullet up the charts. And whose patience went above and beyond the edge of reason as we toiled through this process together.

Check out her portfolio, she does great work, the cost is reasonable and worth every penny.

Let me give you the grand tour and then we can have snacks and bevvies.

For anyone who doesn’t know the story, the header pic was inspired directly from a shot done of Renee Zellweger, (Officially never married/single again.) for the movie, Bridget Jones’s Diary. Thanks Tanisha!

After 6 plus hours of coaching, posing, a bottle of Champaign and a trizillion snaps---- Hubster increases his super hero status.

I don’t hate it.

Which is saying quite a lot for me. As a rule, I hate any pic that includes any part of me.

The author pic is from that same long afternoon/evening of making me into a supermodel.

I don’t hate that one either. Now if I could just figure out how to write the blurb about me….

Bedside Table ~ Except that this isn’t my bed. It’s the purple chair in my sitting room and features my furry little muse, Ozzy, my soul mate in fur and partner in crime.

Recent Blonde Moments ~ I spent February of 2005 in Ireland. In Ring, a Gaelic speaking community, on the southern coast. These beasts were across the road and every night they sang me to sleep.

PPP ~ Ozzy the Wonder Kitty, on bird watching duty. Destined to be in one or more of my novels. ( everyone say—3 book deal…)

Obsession ~ That’s the Princess at a gathering with some of her buddies in NY. Soon to be immortalized in Target’s Spring Ad campaign and larger than life on a billboard in Times Square. Something changes in me when I get behind the wheel of this car and she’s sure to become a main character in one of my books.

Playlist ~ Cheeky Robbie William’s cover art of his latest CD, Intensive Care. It’s Robbie, no explanation is necessary.

Daily Diversions ~ Pieces of Ozzy and I.

Blogroll ~ That’s a pic of one of my bookshelves and some of my ChickLit books. Genre research don’t you know.

Dedications ~ Taken at Ardmore, in Ireland, along the coast to the west of Ring a bit. My business name is AngelWorks born of the Desk Top Publishing/Marketing business I had back 10 years ago. I was just starting it up at the same time my mother was dying and it was my way of keeping her with me even as she was leaving this world.

We've come to the end of our little tour.

I look forward to hosting you all here for many happy years to come, now who wants a cocktail wieney???
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