Nuptuials by fire....

This post is for The Queen of Spain who extended this challenge on her blog.

So to that end I am posting about the day I became a HouseWife again and The Hubster became, ummm, The Hubster.
Being that I prefer to do things with as much stress and chaos as possible I did all the cooking, decorating, bow making, handmade our invitations and my outfit for our wedding.

Oh and our friend’s Peter & Marloes flew in from The Netherlands and were staying at our house for the week before and after the wedding. That was great and the Dutch have a tradition where they get up and do little rhyming skits about the couple at the reception. Peter & Marloes stood up in front of all these strangers and did one for us. Priceless.

I continued working my normal full time desk job right up through the day before our wedding.

I am nothing if not crazy.

The main entrée was this killer brisket I have a recipe for.

It slow cooks for hours at a low temp in the oven so I started it on Thursday night before bed.

Waking up to the smell of that brisket on Friday morning was heavenly.

I had the temp even lower overnight and turned it up a few notches as I went out the door to work while everyone else slept.

Around 10 AM I call home to see how everyone’s getting along and it rings off to the answer machine.

Odd. So I dial again thinking I misdialed even though I had it programmed into speed dial.

On the second ring the not yet Hubster answers sounding a bit breathless and the phone call goes something like this;

Me – “Morning. How’s it going?”

Him – “I’ll have to call you back if that’s okay, the kitchen’s on fire.”


I stand up in my cubicle with the phone still pressed to my ear and announce;

“It’s the day before my wedding and my kitchen’s on fire.”

Everyone in my department stands up and says, “WHAT!?!?” , in unison.

“It’s the day before my wedding and my kitchen’s on fire.”

Of course everyone wanted details. So did I, but we’d all have to wait till the not yet Hubster phoned back.

30 minutes later he finally did.

When my phone rang, the entire dept jumped back to their feet to listen.

I hung up.


Seems that when I had turned up the temp on the brisket it eventually bubbled over and being that brisket is a very fatty cut of meat the over flow caught on fire in the gas oven.

The not yet Hubster being his true super hero self knew enough to keep his head and risk his own limbs by stopping Peter from using the fire extinguisher until after the not yet Hubster pulled the brisket out and clear of the oven.

Fire was extinguished brisket saved and kitchen was still in tact. The only loss was the oven, which actually still worked for another 3 months before it died.

The not yet Hubster said that he, Peter and Marloes were woken by the smoke detector and they were all wonderfully calm and just took care of it with no one running, screaming out into the streets and that when the fire was out the Boy Wonder finally emerged from his room and still rubbing his eyes asked;

“What’s going on?”

And after they explained the whole fire story he turned around and went back to bed.

As they say, The Show Must Go On, and it did.

Here’s a pic of me serving it up to the guests on the day that we became Hubster and HouseWife.

It all worked out in the end.

Fire plays a recurring role in The Hubster’s and my courtship as well.

Did you know that it’s possible to set 15,000 gallons of water, give or take, on fire?
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