Princess Dreams

Whenever the situation warranted she’d slip away to her dreaming place. The older she became, the more the situation warranted.

Being a princess isn’t all glitz and glamour. There are obligations a princess is born to fulfill.

But what good is it being a princess if your life isn’t yours to control?

That’s why she had created her dreaming place. It was hers alone. She could do as she pleased. Or not. She wasn’t the princess, just a young girl. Here that young girl’s life did not include certain obligations.

The dreaming always got her through. Made things bearable as she waited for yet another obligation to end.

“You alright princess?”

Called back to reality, she opened her eyes as he removed himself from her. “Yes daddy.”

“That’s my good little princess.”

She smiled sweetly as her stomach turned against the stench of stale beer on his breath.

She returned to her dreams as he returned to her mother’s bed.
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