Ms. Hyde and this matter of chub

According to a new study, whose results were released recently, I may not be chubby because I can’t manage to exercise regularly. Nope I may be chubby simply because I have a virus.

Good news that!

So like my beloved New Beetle, Princess, I too am, “Round for a Reason.”

Perhaps I have been lack in the vacuuming department also due to a yet to be unidentified virus! All that dust and fur flying about it’s not unreasonable to think.

Can a laundry virus be far off? Surely not.

I have long suspected that there are any number of viruses and plagues lurking in the hampers of The Hubster and Boy Wonder. I am more than willing to donate some of their dirties in the name of science and better health.

Until the study is commissioned and completed I will be cutting the laundry days in half per week in an effort to save myself.

Mother’s Day hint~~~ start shopping for Haz-Mat suits now for best colour and size selection.

Other health related good news; I may be days away from finally becoming one of the thousand points of light and moving amoung the kinder and gentler folk of the planet.

And no, I didn’t vote for him even with the catchy, warm fuzzy spin and apparently it was lost on W as well.

It seems the only thing capable of kicking my ass on this planet might become a thing of the past. Or at the very least - have less of a strangle hold on me.

Hormones. The hairy scary ones that take over and possess me a couple days a month and the lesser ones that dominate me for 14 days and that leaves me with about a week and a half of normalcy but after you subtract 5 days spent apologising and doing damage control leaves me with 4-5 days of non-homicidal tendencies.

Times 12 equals 48-60 days a year that I can be trusted not to fly into a rage over something as harmless as a light bulb burning out or finding I forgot to pick up bread when I did the grocery shopping.

See, this is why I laugh when the OBGYN starts in with perimenopausal this and that when I mention my hormonal angst. I have been this way since I got my first period when I was nine.

By age thirteen I was looking forward to menopause and researching hysterectomies.

I’m not going to go into it right now but just take a moment and really dissect the word hysterectomy. Grrrrr.

12 years ago working with a homeopathic doc I had blood work done and it was determined that I have very low levels of progesterone. Which allows the surplus of estrogen to take over my sanity.

Back then I was given my only natural hope, which was a cream that was derived from Mexican Yams that had properties similar to progesterone.

Things have begun to escalate the last couple years because I have been on the pill and that builds more estrogen up in my system, further turning me into Ms. Hyde.

While I was at the chiropractor this past week we stumbled upon things and I don’t even remember what or why or how -- all I know is that he had an answer and I have some new hope.

Dr Rob’s mom is like me, hormonally challenged, and he’s been helping her get things balanced and thinks he can also help me.

Seems there have been new natural stuffs they have developed that I wasn’t aware of. Actual plant derived progesterone that is a near perfect match. He then went into how it’s really stable and something about sub-lingual this and blahdy whoohaaa that…………..

Sign me up!

I picked it up yesterday and I’ll keep you posted.

If it works they can stop worrying about the big east coast quake that’s supposed to be coming in our lifetime.

If not, buy stock in really good 85% Dark De Cacao----it’s the only thing that calms me.

OOOoooo, gotta run---a new edge needs to be put on the axe.

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