Passion of the Vice

When is an apology not good enough?

I guess the answer to that is subjective.

I am having a hard time swallowing Mel Gibson’s apology for the mess he found himself in this past weekend.

The vat of shit he landed in was deep, wide and provided by no one other than himself.

• Driving drunk at an excessive speed, putting himself and anyone else in his path at great risk.
• Spouting a tirade of anti-Semitic declarations.
• Sexually demeaning name-calling of female officers and declaring he would f*** a deputy who was doing his job.
• And that ever-classic move of believing that who he is and his money are above the law and saying so. Out. Loud.

You can read all about it here.

We all battle our own inner demons that are implanted in us when we are children. ALL of us and those of you out there, who believe that you have none, are kidding no one but your selves. You’ve got them and they are affecting you and everyone around you, probably more so than those of us that introduce our demons readily to anyone close to us.

How can that be? Well, when we are honest and open about our demons then we give those close to us the opportunity to realize that maybe it really is us and not them. Not a built in excuse for either side mind you, but another angle at which to look at and work through a situation.

Hi, I’m Dawn and this is my dysfunction/demon.

I may still, from time to time, like to think that I can dress my dysfunction up in pretty clothes and disguise it or shove it into a closet and pretend it doesn’t exist but that usually results in some horribly gone wrong event where my dysfunction throws a demonic temper tantrum and will not be denied.

How big that tantrum is depends on how much is being pushed down and unacknowledged.

Of course when I fall in my shit, it doesn’t make the news. Thank goddess for small favors.

Should we blame Mel’s mess on the alcohol?

No. Full stop.

Alcohol doesn’t turn people into different people. It releases the binds that keep our inner censors in check.

Unless we believe that some other entity was in fact speaking through Mel, (call in the exorcist!), the awful things that came out of his mouth were indeed his alone.

Somewhere deep down where he kept them shoved and hidden they survived and bided their time waiting for a chance to rush to the surface and be known.

That chance came in the form of too may drinks.

So all that apology means to me is that he’s sorry that we caught a glimpse into how he really feels about certain things and people.

For me, everything he says he is and believes in, in his sober state, will be discredited.

Russell Crowe is an ass. But I’ll give him this, he’s an ass right in our face and we are not surprised by it in the least.

Embrace your inner ass Mel, your glass house has been shattered.

2006 ~ Dawn Marie Kelly ~ all rights reserved
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